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According to Amelia:

Josh and I were friends for a very, very long time before we realized what we hadn't seen for years: we were meant to be together. Of course, I realized it first, but then, I've always been a bit brighter than him, so that's not a surprise.

It came to me one night when he and I were attempting to harmonize with a barbershop quartet song. At some point we hit a sweet spot in the song and it was perfect, and we were sitting there looking at each other and holding those notes, and I knew. Suddenly, this whole conception of who Josh was to me had shifted, and it would never be the same.

It took a bit of prodding (prodding, moi?), but Josh finally cut the rutabaga (see below), and we've been together ever since.

According to Josh:

Amelia and I had been friends for just over five years, from chatting in linguistics classes in the beginning, to best friends through thick and thin near the end, before chopping a rutabaga suddenly made me realize that I was in love with her. Unfortunately she had had the reverse realization about seven months earlier, with all the mass confusion that this situation necessarily entails. I was lucky, as by the time the rutabaga was working its magic the meant-to-be-ness was so thick in the air that Amelia was about ready to hit me over the head with a brick, or move to another country, or possibly both.

Once things had started between us, though, there was nothing stopping the avalanche. We already knew each other so well, and were so comfortable with each other, that it was almost like jumping into the middle of a relationship. Before much more than a month had passed I was sure she was the one. In retrospect, I suppose it should have been obvious -- we're kind of ridiculously well suited for each other, complement each other's weaknesses, have an insane amount in common, especially in the weird areas where it really counts, care deeply about the same things. I am so incredibly happy and excited to be spending my life with her.



For the one year anniversary of Rutabaga Day (see our story for explanation), we went to our favorite retreat in Mendocino County to celebrate. It was there, in the moonlight, that Josh proposed.

Josh spent months designing the ring he chose for Amelia. Here are photos of the beautiful results.