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2/1/09 Ladies and gentlemen, after a LOT of deliberation we have a major decision to announce:

Come October 17th we are going to be Josh and Amelia Birch. We're pretty excited -- we love the way it sounds, it's nicely emblematic of the new life that we're building together, PLUS it's one of our favorite trees and it's spelled with the first few letters of our existing last names. And tell me Imogen Birch isn't a rock-star name for a daughter someday.

Our thanks, by the way, to all of you who took a moment to give us your opinions via survey! We actually made the decision before we'd looked at the final results, which is apparently a good thing as they completely disagree with us! The survey data are actually fairly surprising and pretty fascinating (see Josh's site for an analysis).

Now for the bad news: it sounds like the government bureaus that handle this sort of thing tend to be less than enthusiastic about the dual name change -- we're probably going to have a nightmare of paperwork to deal with. But that's okay, it's totally worth it.

1/10/09 New updates on the wedding page!

When initially deciding to create this webspace, we mostly had the wedding in mind. We wanted a clearing house for wedding info and updates, a place for you to RSVP, get directions, read a little about us, etc.

After some thought, however, Josh and I recognized how this is not just about our wedding, even though it is a very important day. We have therefore created this site as a place for all things wedding, and beyond. We hope this site will grow with us as a family, and that you will continue to be able to come here to check out how things are going for us, and post comments of your own.

That said, please, explore, check things out, feel free to interact with the whistles and bells, and let us know if there's a problem. We are so incredibly delighted to include all of you in this journey that we are beginning, and we look forward to walking it together.

-Amelia and Josh



Many of you have been asking for months what our last name is going to be, and we finally have a decision: Birch! There's more information, including the survey results, on Josh's site.

No events yet for this date...check back next year!

If you'd like to check out how the dress hunt is going, click here. You can get the username and password by emailing Amelia at amelia@joshandamelia.com.